Other Interesting Sites

(1) Irish Whiskey Society We exist to promote the sensible enjoyment of Irish whiskey, Ireland’s indigenous spirit, and to introduce Irish whiskey fans to the whiskeys of the world. We believe there is something extra-special about Irish whiskey in its many varieties, and we are passionate about fostering an appreciation of this traditional Irish spirit, celebrating Ireland’s distilling heritage and savouring the finest whiskeys from Ireland and throughout the world in a friendly and casual environment.

(2) Maltstock There are a lot of great festivals out there. But all of them have sessions of just a few hours. At every festival you meet a lot of great people, but only for a few minutes, because you are always on your way to the next dram. Not a lot of time to catch up, and so many whiskies still to try. That is why we are organizing Maltstock. We stay for a whole weekend. We eat, drink, sleep at the same location. Plenty of time to meet a lot of great people. And of course there will also be plenty of nice whisky. Everybody is more than welcome at Maltstock. But we do believe Maltstock is also a great weekend to come to with your whiskyclub. A chance to meet other whisky clubs. We would love to see more (international) contacts between the great many whisky clubs. But you don’t have to be a member of a whiskyclub, everybody is welcome at Maltstock!

(3) Ralfy Mitchell Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year and a half, we’ll assume you have at least an idea as to who Ralfy Mitchell is.  Instantly likeable and refreshingly down-to-earth, Ralfy is the whisky world’s video review phenom.

(4) The Nose (Richard Paterson) His official title is “master blender” — in the Scotch whisky world, it’s the designation given to the skilled individual who chooses the single-malt whiskys that go into a blend and guides the product’s maturation. But Paterson’s unofficial title is The Nose. A third-generation whisky man, his father, a whisky distributor, gave him his first sip at age 8. Paterson tuned pro in the early 1970s. Now in his 60s, his skill at tasting, assessing and blending whiskys has become so acute, his nose has been insured by Lloyd’s of London for $2.6 million. Employed by Whyte and Mackay of Glasgow, Scotland, his day job takes him around the world. Paterson creates special blends for Korean and Japanese markets, and travels from the oak forests of Missouri to the González Byass bodegas in Andalusia in search of wood for whisky casks. He spends the rest of his time spreading the whisky gospel. “Out there in the big bad world, people basically haven’t a bloody clue about whisky,” he says.

(5) Whiskybase Yet another website about malt whisky? Yes, but this one is different! Whiskybase highlights two elements: you as whisky lover and the Scotch single malt. Every whisky lover has an opinion about the malt he just drank. At Whiskybase you can leave your opinion behind in a message or a note and compare it with other people’s opinions. Whiskybase is also the place to show off your whisky collection and rate the whiskies you have tasted. By doing so, you can explore the beautiful world of whisky and find interesting new flavours.

(6) Irish Whiskey Chaser A site dedicated solely to ‘uisce beatha’, the Irish gaelic for ‘water of life’, otherwise known as whiskey…… the golden nectar. The purpose of this site is to try and create an Irish whiskey archive or database of past & present bottles, collectable or otherwise, and have all the basic bottle information in one accessible place. I also hope to build a library of every bottle on a host site and have them fully linked, creating a perfect resource for collectors and enthusiasts alike

(7) Angels Whisky Club has been conceived and born out of our passion for all things whisky-related, which meant we just had to spread the word and help others enjoy whisky as we obviously do.

(8) Tullamore Dew – The home of Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey. This is where the world famous Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey was first inspired and distilled – in the bustling town of Tullamore, County Offaly, in the Midlands of Ireland.

(9) Robin Laing Robin Laing is a Scottish folk-singer and songwriter. Robin is originally from Edinburgh, and Edinburgh will always be his spiritual home. His affection for that city and indeed Scotland is evident in the subject matter of many of his songs. Robin now lives in the idyllic setting of rural Lanarkshire. Already he is sniffing out the local songs and finding possible subjects for composition.

(10) The Whisky Sites Directory This Directory brings you almost every whisky, whiskey and bourbon related site on the internet. Here you will find the homepages of the big Scotch, Irish, and Canadian whisky brands, together with American bourbon and whiskey brands and brands from some more unknown whiskey producing countries. We also bring you a huge collection of whisk(e)y and bourbon (fan)sites with tasting notes, facts, histories, and other useful information for every whisk(e)y and bourbon lover.

(11) Peatandbarley I’m hosting Single Malt Whisky Tastings in Switzerland in the greater Zurich area for small groups of beginners to experienced whisky drinkers

(12) Whisky Emporium Malt Whisky is one of Scotland’s great gifts to the world, and is now appreciated by drinkers, collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. I do firmly believe that there is a malt whisky to suit every individual taste,  so if you are someone who professes not to like whisky, I say that you just haven’t found ‘yours’ yet.

(13) Dramming. For some of you, this new site may seem strangely familiar. And you are right. Dramming is the relaunch of Whisky Rating, a site I started back in the Summer of 2009. Over the course of the months I have gained a lot of experience, not just about whisky but also about blogging and running a website in general. I realized that the original concept of crowd-sourced ratings and tasting notes was not embraced as eagerly as I had hoped. Furthermore, the name of the site imposed a bit of a straitjacket because of its fixation on rating whisky. But I have been blogging about all sorts of whisky topics anyway, so I finally decided to do a complete revamp of the site along with a name change.

(14) Sour Mash Manifesto “Sip it and dream — it is a dream itself. Sip it and say there is no solace for the soul, no tonic for the body like old Bourbon whiskey.” -J. Soule Smith

This site was created with a pretty simple mission in mind: To provide relevant, usable content to whiskey consumers of all levels and expertise, share my passion for whiskey, and to be your “go to”, trusted resource on the American Whiskey industry.